Thursday, 5 February 2009

Heads on Dancing People

So myself and Paul went road-tripping to Northwich, Cheadle Hulme, Macclesfield and Buxton this week. Delayed by a day due to bad weather we set off on Tuesday and returned on Wednesday evening after having filmed 2 in-homes, a variety of vox-pops and some in-branch interviews for our newest clients.

Ensuring spirits were kept high, i did my usual "creative accomodation search" and we spent Tuesday night in the "B. Leggot Guesthouse" - a veritable bargain in the sea of over-priced, over booked B&Bs in the area.

Despite Paul's protestations of
"Let's get a Travelodge" i think he was secretly pleased we found 2 rooms there, especially when we were granted our very own TV room, electric blankets and extra toast in the morning!

(this isn't the actual toast we were fed - it's a crazy stereogram picture that makes you go blind)


Paul's contribution to keeping our traveller spirits high was to visit his "favourite service station" (i kid you not). It turns out that the honoured venue is the Welcome Break on the M40 near Oxford. Admittedly a decent design of building, the true delight lay within...

"Heads on Dancing People!" is what i'd been told to look forward to. And boy - was Paul right. Just £3 for a DVD of perennial embarrassment...

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